A blog that shares our experience when we travel with our young children (munchies).

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This blog is about us traveling to
various places, near and far, with our "munchies".

"Munchies" has become an all purpose nickname for our kids. To be frank, we don't know why. It has one of two origins, or possiby both. I think my wife wanted to make the word munchkins sound more cute, but it could also be because our first son was constantly "munching" on something.

At one point, as a young toddler (now he's a whopping 4 years old), he would eat two different breakfasts, at two different times, sometimes hewould do the same with lunch.

He seemed more like he was grazing or "munching" than really eating a full meal. So this could also be a likely reason why "munchie" stuck as a nickname. So once we knew we were having another baby , the baby automatically became a "munchie" too, no choice.

So now we have two "munchies" and two part-time teenage sons that we travel with, near and far. We will blog and Youtube about our experiences together as we go on our search for a grand family adventure.

As we share our travel experiences (good & bad), we will share our tips, ideas, products, and the travel deals we come across, where ever they may go.

If you have any suggestions from your own travels, on where we should go, products that you like, or want to give us some overall encouragement and advice, shoot us an email. We would love to hear from you.

Blog starting after January 1st, 2016